6 Event Rental Ideas to Consider for Your Toronto Wedding or Event

December 6, 2022

When it comes to prop rentals in Toronto, no one does it quite like us. We had the wonderful opportunity to work with hundreds of weddings and events and have seen first hand, some of our amazing ideas come to life. No matter if you are looking for wedding decor rentals or event props in Toronto, we are just flowing with new ideas and we can’t wait to share them with you. Since we inspire so many event planners and wedding planners on a weekly basis, we decided to write this blog to fill you with inspiration!

Before you search “party decoration rentals near me” on Google, check out some of our most recent works and inspirations below. We have everything from marry me marquee letters to throne chair rentals. We have brought some of the most well known Disney movies to life (recently we did this for an “A-List” celebrity, see who it is below!).

Are you ready to get inspired? Be prepared to be bubbling with inspiration :)

3 Event Rental Ideas to Consider for Your Toronto Event

Bring Disney to Life!

Planning a birthday party for your kids can be hard (isn’t it hard enough to be a parent?). From getting the guest list together, coming up with ideas for your guests’ gift bags, to now making sure the overall decor of the space can make the event special. Well, you are at the perfect place (or web page!). How about bringing your kids’ favourite Disney characters to life? 

With a combination of cutouts, balloon decor and backdrop rentals, a stunning and memorable event environment is complete, for the most part. You may want to rent some chairs, linens and centrepieces along the way. It is an impactful setup while keeping things affordable. If you still have a budget, another idea is to hire a live model to act as the main character of the Disney film in front of the backdrop. It might be harder during post-Covid though. 

Here is another wonderful example for the Disney movie “Frozen” coming to life. Oh, did I mention that this was for Justin Bieber’s @justinbieber baby sister @baybieber? We also worked with @weballoonz on this amazing setup as well!

Baby Celebrations

For any of your social events, setting up an event to connect and celebrate is a lovely idea. Planning an event like this may require a professional planner, but let’s make the decor rentals simple. Most items you see in the photo are available for customization in-house, but items like the pillows are available through our partner network. We make things simple by having a large network of top vendors to depend on, especially for anything not in our inventory. We also keep things affordable since we get a huge vendor discount while working with our partners. If you have an idea or want to plan a social event, just reach out to us and we’ll make your event a magical one.

Birthday Celebrations

When all we had in the budget were a few prints, 2 marquee letters and one plinth, we took it and ran with it like a champ. This really proves that budget is irrelevant when it comes to putting on a special event. All it took was some creativity and for the client to be flexible with our ideas. 

We love outdoor events, what better way to enjoy the outdoors than to gather with our loved ones during the limited summer season. We will see more uses of the marquee letters in the next section. They are affordable and exceedingly impactful.

3 Wedding Rental Ideas to Consider for Your Toronto Wedding

Using Marquee Letter

Didn’t we mention how impactful it is to use marquee letters? It all depends on how you use it. In this case we can see how it is used to keep everything symmetrical (“SAY” on the left side “I” in the middle and “DO?” on the right). Adding a red carpet and lining it with fresh red roses elevates this setup to the next level. With such a VIP surprise, we all know what the answer was at the end. 

Wedding Decor with Balloons

There’s definitely a lot of planning when it comes to a wedding. Many times, we work with a wedding planner and the client to build a setup. It could be a step-and-repeat, a head table backdrop or even a photobooth. The sky's the limit when it comes to your wedding’s decor. Adding metallic balloons can add a luxury touch to your wedding or using pastel colours can add to the softness / elegance of the event. Let us know what your colours are and what ideas you may have and we can build it. If you are investing in photography and videography, a backdrop is definitely a “must have” for your wedding.

Wedding Decor for Limited Space

When space is limited and you want an over-the-top statement, boy do we have great ideas for you! We have done things like filling the entire ceiling with balloons to stacking a wall with marquee letters. It doesn’t matter what kind of overreaching ideas you have, we are all about making things happen and leaving a lasting memory for your attendees.

Events like proposals and weddings only happen once (sometimes more..) so let’s make it count as they are going to be your memories and conversations for many years to come. Sure, there is a lot of work involved when putting an event together, but we make things easy and you can count on us to execute all those amazing ideas you have on your special day.


From bringing your kids’ favourite characters to life to over-the-top event ideas, we understand that there are multiple dimensions to planning an event, so that is why we want to pour our passion for event decor to help you bring your vision to life. We have a comprehensive vendor partnership network and hundreds of event props ready to be deployed for your vision. We love building and setting up our work for your event so reach out to us and let’s talk about your event ideas today.