Top 5 Backdrop Rental Toronto Ideas and Tips on How to Spice Up Your Next Event with Decor Rentals!

November 4, 2022

When it comes to backdrops in Toronto, the sky's the limit! Many people use backdrop rentals for wedding head tables, photo booths or even an entrance for their event. There are many use cases for backdrops and it is also one of the most cost-effective ways to spice up your event and make it truly memorable. 

Many people start their search on Google by searching for “backdrops for rent near me”, “decor rentals Toronto” or “backdrop rentals Toronto” or if it’s for a wedding, “wedding backdrop rental toronto”. The problem is that they only see the available rentals available in their market (in this case, Toronto). Most event rentals require some level of creativity to customise and use in-addition with other rental decor elements. In this blog post we will be going over some of our backdrop rentals and include examples of how we can creatively use them for our client’s events to achieve the biggest impact.

5 Backdrop Rentals in Toronto

Below are some of our favourite ideas when it comes to our backdrop rentals. They are categorised by the type of events you may want to use them for. The idea here is to see all the possible ways to use backdrop rentals and the kind of decor rental items that work well with them. Let us know what you think about each of them :)

Backdrops for Anniversaries and Birthdays

One of the most popular ways our clients use our backdrop rentals is to surprise your friend or family member with our vinyl, balloons and decor rentals package. This amazing client came to us with a Chanel Theme idea for their backdrop rental needs. We proposed using the Chanel colours in the “Wow-factor” balloonscape and added mirror furniture and plinths. We also made it more personal by printing the vinyls “HAPPY THIRTY- GREAT KAREN” on the wall (don’t worry it doesn’t damage the paint on the walls). 

This is just one of the many ways you can create an impactful setup for any celebration. Keep in mind that vinyls can be applied to any of our backdrops. We can even print a design or illustration and cover the entire backdrop panel + stand. Ask us for more details! 

Learn more about our Backdrop Rentals and Plinths Rentals.

Backdrop Rentals for Wedding Proposals

Another one of our most popular backdrop rental use cases are for wedding proposals! Imagine bringing your special person to a dark room with all your friends and family hiding in anticipation. When you guys walk in, a violinist comes out and starts to play your favourite song and you get down on one knee and pop the question. From our experience, the answer has always been a resounding “YES” with a 100% success rate. This specific client rented our Marquee Letters package,paired with the venue's cherry blossom tree and their white texture backdrop panel and a few of our plain white balloons. There was a bit of air circulation in the room during the proposal so the balloons were swaying left and right which created an outdoor effect as well. 

HELPFUL TIP: When you are planning to add a backdrop to your event, make sure there’s enough space around the backdrop so that other elements in the event don’t look too tight and potentially messy. When there is enough space to breathe between each of your setups, your event will come together in a spectacular fashion.

Backdrop Rentals for Religious Events and Birthdays

Needless to say, balloon garlands can play a big and marvellous role in adding some pizazz and glam to a backdrop. Make sure to ask us about our chrome balloons which come in all types of different sizes. We can even put a teddy bear in one of our large transparent balloons! For both of these setups, we also incorporated plinths to hold a cake or additional desserts. These stunning wedding backdrop rentals will act as a photo backdrop for your guests as well as a stunning piece of decor for your event. You may notice that there are some orbs incorporated in the balloons to give it a more natural look as well. 

HELPFUL TIP: Complex balloon setups take time. Ideally the venue allows us to set up the day before to ensure the completion of the setup is done right. Also, our Marquee Letter rentals can also be painted to the colour you want. Same with the circle backdrop panel as well. All of our rental decor items are highly customizable! Just ask us when you are ready to chat!

Kids Party Backdrops

There are numerous kids' birthday ideas on Pinterest and Google these days. But when it comes to backdrops, there really aren’t many ideas or blog posts about them. Most kids’ birthday ideas have to do with food and cute gift bags. Above (photo above) is just one example of our custom print + cut outs that are currently available for any children’s cartoon characters and animals. We even had the wonderful opportunity to build an “Arc De Triomphe” for this event. Adding the area rug creates a place for the kids to play on as well as for photo taking. If there’s a specific theme in mind, please let us know and we can provide you with our expert advice 🙂

HELPFUL TIP: Using backdrops can transform any type of space to a magical one. Take this event for example, it was done in the lobby of the banquet hall. With the use of a few rental decor items, we were able to completely transform the space to a Dora Themed party. The truth is that you can host your event in any space, it doesn’t always need to be a fancy venue or hotel.

Backdrops for Weddings + Large Events

When there’s an opportunity to build something large and fill up the space, backdrops are the easiest and most cost-effective way to do so. It really takes your guests by surprise when they walk in the room and make the event a special one (especially with all the photo taking). 

HELPFUL TIP: It is always great to come to us with photos of your inspiration, but it’s also good to keep an open mind when it comes to designing the perfect backdrop. There are always new and innovative ways to build a stunning backdrop so let us help you and propose a few ideas as well. We don’t just do backdrop rentals, we have a vast array of event decor items available for rent and we even build our own custom props for our clients. Get in touch with us and let’s chat!


It is not always easy when you are in charge of planning an event or your own wedding. That is why we wrote this blog post filled with inspiration and tips about planning + building the ideal backdrop for your event. Backdrops can be a very affordable way to spice up your event and turn any room into a wonderland. Make sure to follow our blog as we will be posting more inspirations and tips very soon.

If you have any questions or would like to make an inquiry please reach out to us on our Contact page or start your Wishlist on our Event Decor Rentals page!