5 Inspirational Props for Your Next Event

January 4, 2023

    Our prop house knows it best when it comes to props! As a premier prop house in Toronto for over 3 years, we have every decor rental from backdrops to marquee letters. If we don’t have it, we will build it just for you and add it to our inventory. If you were put in a position to plan your company’s event or just wanted to celebrate your child’s birthday, this blog post will give you the inspiration you need to make it happen. You’ll find ideas on how to start your planning process, ensure the flow of the event, and be inspired by some of our prop rentals along the way.

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Before we start on the inspirational props, let’s explore briefly on how you can get started on the planning aspect of your event. 

First, come up with a theme that makes sense: When coming up with a theme, make sure it is culturally relevant and it complements the celebration. For example, if it’s for a wedding, make sure the theme is something the bride (and/or the groom) relates to. Don’t forget to consult with all the stakeholders (in the wedding example, the bride, the groom, the bridal party and the family of the bride and groom).

Second, look for inspiration: Scour the web for ideas and learn from other events. At this point, depending on your event, you may want to hire a wedding planner or an event planner. A planner will help you with executing your vision based on the constraints you may have (stakeholders, budget, timeline, etc.). Events are time based and involve many people (vendors, stakeholders, guests), so many mishaps can happen and some of them can be last minute. Planners are experienced problem solvers with a plethora of resources and connections. Then again, if it’s just a small event with only a few vendors, you may not need a planner. 

Third, putting together your vendor team: Check reviews, talk to past clients, and interview the vendor(s). Your vendor team are the experts when it comes to their specialty. I have personally heard many horror stories when a bad vendor is involved. If you work with a planner, they will know who they can trust for your event since they probably have worked with them many times before. Some planners also have insurance in case anything happens at the event. 

I wanted to provide a rough guide above to get you started. You definitely should also build a timeline for the event, as well as for the event setup (it could be chaotic if every vendor showed up at the same time to set up).

5 Inspirational Prop Rentals in Toronto

Here are some of our favourites and most prominent props! 

Throne Chair Rentals

One of our most popular props is the throne chair rental. It’s great for royalty themed events and is sometimes used for Disney themed events as well. If you are looking for something elegant for a wedding head table, this might be just the right rental to make that happen. We only have a few of these in stock so book it in advance to ensure you have it reserved for your upcoming celebration!

Marquee Letters

The beauty of having a few marquee letters at your next event is that it's affordable, easy to combine with other decor rentals like balloons, and it’s a statement piece. They come in any colour you want and we have different types of marquee letter rentals to suit your event. They work especially well with metallic balloons, especially with the light up marquee letters. Transform any room with these amazing rentals!

Backdrop Rentals

We have a range of different backdrop rentals and printable panels of every shape and size you can imagine. In the example above, our client wanted something modern and luxurious. These backdrops work really well with our plinths rental and our cake stands. Before you search for “backdrop rentals near me”, make sure to check out our gallery to see all the unique backdrops we have available. We have also made a few custom backdrop rentals based on our clients’ needs. 

Neon Signs

Our neon lights collection can be used as chic signage or it can be combined with any of our balloon services and backdrops. It really adds to the atmosphere when the lights go down and looks great in photos. We have more examples on our Instagram Page >>

Balloon Garlands

If you are looking for a statement piece, look no further! In the above example, we made a balloon garland ceiling treatment with Baby’s Breath (floral) and a disco ball. It’s great for photos and it will leave your guests in awe. Balloons are the most versatile decor service we have. It can be used in virtually any decor element in your next event!